4x5" Shift Camera

Robust and precise construction, quick and easy to use. The possibility of using the Super Angulon 47XL for the entire 4x5", frame certainty of plane parallelism, focus speed and compactness make the S4 an irreplaceable camera for the large format external photography.

40 mm shift, a Silvestri bayonet mount for standard lenses, large dimension plate for the use of large diameter lenses. A focusing system with flexibellow, an accessory that also allows lens balancing on-two right-angle axes.

Reducer backs; 6x7-9 for Mamiya, Horsemann, Graflex, Wista etc. film holders. 6x12 back for Silvestri/Horsemann code. 6070 film holders.


4x5" Shift Camera


Flexi Bellow

The Flexibellow adds tilt and swing movements on the two axis to Bicam 1 and Bicam 2, the focusing is made by a high precision micrometric system. The Flexibellow enables lenses to be fitted when mounted on a Silvestri bayonet without the need of a helical focusing ring.

- Minimum extension: 21mm
- Maximum extension: 48mm
- Tilt movement: 15°
- Swing movement: 15°
- Rear attachment board: 106x106mm
- Front attachment: Silvestri Bayonet

Code 1130 


Lens Boards for lenses in helical focusing mount

Lens boards for S4 camera

Code 1118 Lens Board with bayonet Type S (6,5mm)
Code 1118D Lens Board with bayonet TypeS 10mm Shift(6,5mm)
Code 1119 Lens Board with bayonet Type R (3,5mm)
Code 1121 Lens Board with bayonet Type E (24,8mm)
Code 1123 Lens Board with bayonet Type F (17,55mm)
Code 1124 Extension Board Type D shift 15+15mm (40,3mm)
Code 1125 Lens Board with bayonet Type G

See the Combination Table for the right lens board - lens combination > 

In the image: Extension Board Type D shift 15+15mm Code 1124

Extension rings

Extension Rings

The extension rings are used to adjust the different lengths of the lenses.

Extension ring n.2S code 1110
Extension ring n.3S code 1112
Extension ring n.3SR code 1113
Extension ring n.5S code 1115

See the Combination Table tab for the right lens board - lens combination >

Backs and rollfilm holders for film photography, basic format 6x7/ 6x9

The format backs with ground glass have standard Graflock type attachments and fit Horseman, Wista and Mamiya RB roll film holders. The 6x12 roll film holder comes with the ground glass and the magnifying lens in bellow included.

code 1106 6x9 Format Back with Ground Glass, Graflock-type connection.

code 1105 6x12 Format Back with Ground Glass and Magnifying Glass in Bellow 

4x5" Back included 

 26 x 17 x 10 cm
kg. 2,35
Lenses attachment:
Silvestri lens board, Silvestri bayonet.
Backs attachment
Silvestri standard four points attachment

Vertical shift:
Autolocking micrometric 40mm  shift
Available formats:
6x7/6x9 - 6x12 cm - 4x5"

S4 camera with 4x5" back Code 1100


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