Bicam analogue

BICAM Analogue Outfit

Bicam Outfit for film photography

A compact wide angle camera which can be used with Apo Grandagon 4,5-35mm lenses or, continuing with the prestigious Schneider series; 5,6/47, 5,6/47XL etc.

The camera has incorporated 15+15mm high-low back shift. Silvestri system lenses can be mounted on the front, and also some of the other S4 accessories; except for bayonet mount standard lenses.

The back accessories are the same as for the T30 and Mod H. Bicam is suitable for rapid use in limited spaces.

The possibility of mounting the Flexibellow, allows the use of lenses without the helicoidal focusing system and to insert perspective corrections and focus extension. Bicam repeats traditional Silvestri concepts: modularity and flexibility.

BICAM Outfit for Film Photography

Shiftable modular camera with extraordinary performances in professional film photography

Flexi Bellow Maxi

Flexi Bellow Maxi

The Flexi Bellows Maxi mounts lenses with the Silvestri bayonet without the requirement of a helical focusing ring. The extension capability of the rail together with the advantage of the micrometric focusing extends the versatility of the Bicam camera in still-life, industrial, architectural photography and in all the other fields where high quality performance is paramount. The Flexi Bellows Maxi features the lens side shift movements and micrometric tilt and swing movements. Suitable for both Bicam II and Bicam III.

Rodenstock & Schneider lenses bayonet mount
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- Tilt 15+15° Micrometric adjustment with locking system.
- Swing 15+15° Micrometric adjustment with locking system.
- Extension: 75mm with click and micrometric adjustment.
- Side Shift 15+15mm.
- Possibility to move back the camera standard in order to clear wide angle lenses.
- Made in high grade anodized aluminium with movement on trapezoidal rails with Teflon sliding block.
Code 7002

Flexi Bellow

The Flexibellow adds tilt and swing movements on the two axis to Bicam 1 and Bicam 2, the focusing is made by a high precision micrometric system. The Flexibellow enables lenses to be fitted when mounted on a Silvestri bayonet without the need of a helical focusing ring.

- Minimum extension: 21mm
- Maximum extension: 48mm
- Tilt movement: 15°
- Swing movement: 15°
- Rear attachment board: 106x106mm
- Front attachment: Silvestri Bayonet

Code 1130 

Lens Boards for lenses in helical focusing mount

Code 1117 Lens Board with bayonet Type A (23mm)
Code 1118 Lens Board with bayonet Type S (6,5mm)
Code 1118D Lens Board with bayonet TypeS 10mm Shift(6,5mm)
Code 1119 Lens Board with bayonet Type R (3,5mm)
Code 1120 Lens Board with bayonet Type B (13,65mm)
Code 1121 Lens Board with bayonet Type E (24,8mm)
Code 1122 Lens Board with bayonet Type C (24mm)
Code 1123 Lens Board with bayonet Type F (17,55mm)
Code 1124 Extension Board Type D shift 15+15mm (40,3mm)

See the Combination Table tab for the right lens board - lens combination >

Extension Rings

The extension rings are used to adjust the different lengths of the lenses.

The rings n.1 and n.2 are also available in the 10mm offset and in the shiftable 15+15mm versions, which are useful to increase the rise or to combine the rise with the side shift movement.

Code 3547 Extension ring n. 0
Code 3565 Extension Ring N.1 (16,5mm)
Code 3565B Extension Ring N.1 shiftable 15+15mm
Code 3575 Extension Ring n. 2 (23,5mm)
Code 3575B Extension Ring N.2 shiftable 15+15mm

See the Combination Table tab for the right extension ring - lens combination >

Backs and rollfilm holders for film photography, basic format 6x7/ 6x9

The format backs with ground glass have standard Graflock type attachments and fit Horseman, Wista and Mamiya RB roll film holders. The 6x12 roll film holder comes with the ground glass and the magnifying lens in bellow included.

code 4090 6x7/9 Format Back with Ground Glass, Graflock-type connection.

code 4047 6x12 Format Back with Ground Glass and Magnifying Glass in Bellow included

code 4040 4x5" Back with Fresnel Lens for 75mm
code 4045 4x5" Back with Fresnel Lens for 65mm
code 4046 4x5" Back with Fresnel Lens for 47XL

Roll Film Holders

code 6020 Horseman Rollfilm holder 6x7/120

code 6040 Horseman Rollfilm holder 6x9/120

code 6070 Horseman Rollfilm holder 6x12/120 (modified)

height 175mm x lenght 185mm x depth 50mm
760 grammes
Lenses attachment:
Silvestri lens board, Silvestri bayonet.
Backs attachment
Silvestri standard four points attachment

Vertical shift:
15mm rise - 15mm fall
Horizontal shift:
15mm + 15mm
Compatible backs:
6x7, 6x9, 6x12 cm. & 4x5"

Catalogue PDF
User Manual PDF

Bicam camera body Code 7000


Back Focusing Bellow

Focusing bellow for lenses over 100mm (for back focusing)

code 5000

Focusing Bellow

Darkens the focal plane making viewing and focusing clearer. Compatible with Sliding Back Adapter code D7023 and 6x9 back with ground glass code 4090. Code 5010

Talos Filter Holder

The Talos Filter Holder has two slots for filters which can be turned to position the filters as desired, this option is especially useful when using graduated and polarizing filters. A neoprene seal is inside the slot closer to the lens to avoid flares behind the filter. code 3410

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