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Lenses in bayonet for Flexi Bellow and Flexi Bellow Maxi
Lenses in bayonet and helical focusing mounting
Flexi Bellow & Flexi Bellow Maxi
Bicam camera body code 7000

Flexibellow Maxi

The Flexi Bellows Maxi mounts lenses with the Silvestri bayonet without the requirement of a helical focusing ring. The extension capability of the rail together with the advantage of the micrometric focusing extends the versatility of the Bicam 2 in still-life, industrial, architectural photography and in all the other fields where high quality performance is paramount. The Flexi Bellow Maxi features side shift movements and micrometric tilt and swing movements. Only for Bicam II.

- Tilt 15+15° Micrometric adjustment with locking system.
- Swing 15+15° Micrometric adjustment with locking system.
- Extension: 75mm with click and micrometric adjustment.
- Side Shift 15+15mm.
- Possibility to move back the camera standard in order to clear wide angle lenses.
- Cylindrical and soft bag combined bellow.
- Made in high grade anodized aluminium with movement on trapezoidal rails with Teflon sliding block.
- Code 7002


The Flexibellow adds tilt and swing movements on the two axis to Bicam 1 and Bicam 2, the focusing is made by a high precision micrometric system. The Flexibellow enables lenses to be fitted when mounted on a Silvestri bayonet without the need of a helical focusing ring.

- Minimum extension: 21mm
- Maximum extension: 48mm
- Tilt movement: 15°
- Swing movement: 15°
- Rear attachment board: 106x106mm
- Front attachment: Silvestri Bayonet
- Code 1130



Table for choosing the right Silvestri bayonet for Rodenstock & Schneider analogue Lenses.

See the table ...

Rodenstock & Schneider lenses mounted in Silvestri bayonet

Lens Boards for lenses in helical focusing mount

The ease of focusing the lenses mounted on helical focusing mount makes outside work easier and faster.

Code 1117 Lens Board with bayonet Type A (23mm)
Code 1118 Lens Board with bayonet Type S (6,5mm)
Code 1118D Lens Board with bayonet TypeS 10mm Shift(6,5mm)
Code 1119 Lens Board with bayonet Type R (3,5mm)
Code 1120 Lens Board with bayonet Type B (13,65mm)
Code 1121 Lens Board with bayonet Type E (24,8mm)
Code 1122 Lens Board with bayonet Type C (24mm)
Code 1123 Lens Board with bayonet Type F (17,55mm)
Code 1124 Extension Board Type D shift 15+15mm (40,3mm)
Code 1125 Lens Board with bayonet Type G

View the following combination tables to select the right lens board:

Table for use of Rodenstock lenses and backs
Table for use of Schneider lenses and backs

Wide range of Rodenstock and Schneider lenses.

Schneider Super Angulon 5,6/38XL in Copal 0 shutter and focusing mount.

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