Silvestri TALOS Filters

ND 10STOPPER Filter 100x100mm

ND 10SThe 10STOPPER TALOS filter is a neutral density filter commonly used in photography to produce effects of controlled blur.
The leading feature of this type of filters is that of increasing the time of exposure of 10 stops. This allows multiple solutions of exposure for the same subject selecting the best combination of time and aperture.
This way we enter an unlimited creativity where the 10STOPPER filter slows the time down and modifies the moving elements creating new suggestions: lights turning into stripes, rivers and lakes creating fluxes of smooth matter, passers-by disappearing etc.
Graduated filters and correction filters can be added to achieve the desired effect. The experience will be determinant in creating a personal and exclusive language. A new tool to realize true creativity for the professional photographer and for the artistic and research photography.
To better understand the effect of the 10STOPPER filter on exposure, here is an example:
Measured exposure  f11 - 1/30” – with the 10S filter it becomes f11 32” of exposure.

The Silvestri TALOS filter fits the characteristics of the ND filters made in optical glass coloured in paste.

- In paste Neutral density Optical glass.
- Constant response in the electromagnetic scale in the visible area.
- Colour-Shifting and contrast for the effect of the lengthening of the exposure is extremely moderate.
- The 10STOPPER filter must be mounted in the first slot close to the lens, the filterholder must be free of light leaks, like the Talos Filterholder, the filter is inserted after having completed the framing and after having placed other eventual filters in the front slots.  

Code 3060 ND 10STOPPER Filter 100x100mm

10Stopper instructions


SILVESTRI TALOS Linear Polariser

ND 10S

Made in optical glass, the Linear Polarizer filter is a must-have accessory in the photographer’s bag.
Its use reduces reflections ( on water, glass, etc.) and adds saturation to colours (sky, foliage, flowers, etc.) which are determinant for your creativity and the good result of your images.
Light absortion 1,2 stop.

Code 3082 Silvestri Talos Linear Polarizer filter