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Silvestri back plate


The back Plate with Silvestri 4 points attachment is easily fitted to the back standard by using the four side levers on the standard. Sliding Back Adapters and Format Backs for analogue photography are fitted to this Plate code 9016.

Sliding Adapters for Digital Backs

Stitching sliding adapter with drop-in plates. The drop-in plate is available with different fittings for digital backs and it is placable in both vertical and horizontal position for portrait and landscape formats. Therefore with the stitching function you will obtain images with more o less panoramic proportions.

D7023 Slide Adapter 5x7 stitching without drop-in plate
Drop-in plates for sliding adapters
D7023H Drop-in Plate Hasselblad 'H' fitting
D7023V Drop-in Plate Hasselblad 'V' fitting
D7023M Drop-in Plate Mamiya 645 AFD fitting
D7023C Drop-in Plate Contax 645 fitting
D7023A Drop-in Plate Leaf Afi fitting

Viewing devices

code 5030

Monocular Reflex Viewer 6x9 for Sliding Adapter 5x7 - Stitching

code 5010

Magnifying Glass in Bellow for Sliding Adapter 5x7 - Stitching


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