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Wide range of digital lenses.



FLEXICAM has a standard Silvestri bayonet. Two series of lenses available: Rodenstock Digital e Schneider Digitar lenses in Prontor Magnetic shutter and in Copal 0 mechanical shutter.


Flexicam achieves good performance with the short focal length of the new Schneider 35XL lens that is normally mounted without the need of special recessed mounting.

Lenses & Bayonets


List of the Rodenstock & Schneider lenses available for Flexicam and indications for choosing the right Silvestri bayonet.

Lenses for Flexicam...

Short focus lenses for Flexicam...

Extension bayonet rings


These bayonet rings extend the bellow range of 15mm and 30mm respectively. They are used to get closer to the subject when the extension of the Flexicam or the Flexi Bellows are not sufficient.

The extension rings have a female bayonet on one side and a male bayonet on the other one.

They can also be used on the T30 camera in combination with the Back focusing bellow code 5000.

C0102 Bayonet Ring extension 15mm

C0104 Bayonet Ring extension 30mm


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