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Bicam III

Brochure User manual

Side shift, Rise & Fall movements on a compact and lightweight wide angle & studio camera.

Bicam is a concept of camera on which an articulated professional photographic system has been developed offering a wide range of solutions.

Bicam III offers a new horizontal 15+15mm movement performed on the camera body.

This feature satisfies the needs of many photographers with a extremely precise and accurate solution. Micrometric and auto-locking control for a fast and precise image correction.
Still life, industrial, landscape and architectural photography and other more are the typical fields of application of the Bicam III technical camera.
More perspective, focus and image control in general can be achieved adding the Flexi bellow Maxi to the basic Bicam configuration. This accessory will give front movements, tilt, swing and side shift, which can be combined to the rear ones.


The ebony wood inserts in the camera body and the control knobs improved in the aesthetic and functionality complete the camera restyling.
Most of the accessories of the previous Bicam series can be used on the new Bicam III camera.


Technical information


height 175mm x lenght 185mm x depth 50mm

Compatible digital back mounts:

Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H, Phase One - Mamiya 645, Contax 645, Afi.


760 grammes

Lenses attachment

Silvestri lens board, Silvestri bayonet.

Vertical shift

15mm rise - 15mm fall

Backs attachment

Silvestri standard four points attachment

Horizontal shift

15mm + 15mm

Reference code

code 3000

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