TALOS system

SILVESTRI is happy to introduce the new TALOS system, a complete line of Filter Holders, Lens Hood Compendium and accessories for the professional photographers and for those who like to have control of their images. The TALOS Filterholders can be used on mirrorless, medium format: Hasselblad, Mamiya etc., view cameras and video cameras for industrial and scientific use.
Italian design studied with care to the details, simple to use, trustable and with a choice of the materials and solutions that ensure its sturdiness, versatility and trustfulness in each situation, even the most difficult one. The components, made in anodized aluminium, stainless steel and chromed brass, do not suffer the extreme temperatures which instead harden or soften the plastics, none of its elements can unfasten or unscrew because of the vibrations during the transport.

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Side shift, Rise & Fall movements on a compact and lightweight wide angle & studio camera.

Bicam IIIBicam is a concept of camera on which an articulated professional photographic system has been developed offering a wide range of solutions.

Bicam III offers a new horizontal 15+15mm movement performed on the camera body. This feature satisfies the
needs of many photographers with a extremely precise and accurate solution. Micrometric and auto-locking control
for a fast and precise image correction.
Still life, industrial, landscape and architectural photography and other more are the typical fields of application of
the Bicam III.
More perspective, focus and image control in general can be achieved adding the Flexi bellow Maxi to the basic Bicam configuration. This accessory will give front movements, tilt, swing and side shift, which can be combined to the rear ones.

Bicam III offers many possible configurations to fit the demands of each application. Lenses mounted on focusing
mount and Adapter Plates for digital backs for a compact and portable field camera or the Stitching Sliding Back
Adapter for a more accurate construction of the image. The wood inserts in the camera body and the control knobs improved in the aesthetic and functionality complete
the camera restyling.
Most of the accessories of the previous Bicam series can be used on the new Bicam III camera.

Technical specifications:
> Dimensions: height 175mm x lenght 185mm x depth 50mm
> Weight: 760 grammes
> Vertical shift: 15mm rise, 15mm fall
> Horizontal shift: 15mm + 15mm
> Lenses attachment: Silvestri lens board, Silvestri bayonet
> Back attachment: Silvestri standard four points attachment
> Millimeter scales for movements
> Spirit levels
> Optional viewfinder
> Wide range of optics
> Digital Back Adapters: Adapter plate or Stitching Sliding Back Adapter
> Compatible digital back mounts: Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H, Phase One / Mamiya 645, Contax 645, Afi.


Adapter Lens Board with Silvestri Bayonet for Horseman SW-D


The Adapter Lens Board make it possible to use Rodenstock and Schneider lenses in Silvestri bayonet or the Hasselblad V lenses on the Silvestri Actuator on the Horseman SW-D camera.

code D7040


Digital Panoramic Camera

Following its tradition, Zenit introduces a new model of panoramic camera for the Horizon series.
The Horizon D-L3 digital camera completes the series of the Horizon models still in production, giving all the lovers of panoramic photography the opportunity of using a new digital quality tool rich in innovative solutions.
HORIZON D-L3 is a first step in a new era for panoramic photography in Russia.
With the HORIZON D-L3 the principles that made the camera simple and instantaneous to use without scarifying quality, were maintained. The project developed in Joint Venture with Silvestri Italy is based on a three digital modules system giving the simultaneous acquisition of 3 images automatically stitched together on board. This makes it possible to shoot freehand subjects of all kind, including those in motion.

The 28mm equivalent lens, designed to correspond to the resolution of the CMOS sensors, represents the qualifying element of the camera. The quality of the Russian optics is well known and has always been appreciated worldwide. The Zenitar 28mm f 3.5 equivalent becomes a great strong point compared to the more modest offers of the market.

The optical viewfinder with top level, part of the HORIZON constructive tradition, is the continuity in the innovation.

A wide touch screen display gives access to the menu options and to images viewing.

Technical specifications:

Description: Digital Panoramic Camera
Angle of field: 120° x 45°
Lenses: Zenitar 28mm ( equivalent) f. 3,5
4,3” Touch Screen Display
Lithium battery (type Canon BP 915)
SD memory card
Three 9 Mpix CMOS Sensors
Dimensions: 110x90x195x
Weight: Kg. 0,900 ( including the lithium battery)

COMPENDIUM with rotating filter slots

In the new conception of landscape photography and video takings, the use of the compendium, especially in the version with filter-holder slots, has become an essential accessory.

Silvestri presents a version of is own articulated on some qualifying strength points:

Attachment for various adapter rings for lenses up to 95mm with lock system.

2 filter-holder slots for resin or polyester filters 100x100 - 100x150 mm.

Rotating system for the positioning of graduated filters.

95mm front threaded ring for glass, polarizer, ND filters etc.

Double locking system of the lengthening, asymmetric too, to avoid vignetting in video takings.

Dimension: 21 x14,2 x 4 cm

Weight 380 grammes