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TALOS system


The SILVESTRI TALOS system, a complete line of Filter Holders, Lens Hood Compendium and accessories for the professional photographers and for those who like to have control of their images. The TALOS Filterholders can be used on mirrorless, medium format: Hasselblad, Mamiya etc., view cameras and video cameras for industrial and scientific use.
Italian design studied with care to the details, simple to use, trustable and with a choice of the materials and solutions that ensure its sturdiness, versatility and trustfulness in each situation, even the most difficult one. The components, made in anodized aluminium, stainless steel and chromed brass, do not suffer the extreme temperatures which instead harden or soften the plastics, none of its elements can unfasten or unscrew because of the vibrations during the transport.

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Bicam III

Side shift, Rise & Fall movements on a compact and lightweight
wide angle & studio camera.

Bicam III offers a new horizontal 15+15mm movement performed on the camera body. This feature satisfies the needs of many photographers with a extremely precise and accurate solution. Micrometric and auto-locking control for a fast and precise image correction.

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Adapters of digital backs on Mamiya RB67 & Mamiya RZ67

Silvestri offers two adapters that allow photographers using Mamiya’s RB67 and RZ67 medium format cameras to convert their equipment into high-end digital cameras.

Machined to exactly the same focal plane as a conventional Mamiya film back, the Silvestri RB/RZ67 adapters require no modifications to the camera.

To provide interfacing between the Digital Back and Mamiya RB67 camera body, the communication cable must be plugged into the lens flash sync terminal. This allows the digital back to be activated when the shutter release button is depressed.


Our latest offers on second hand or demonstration products: Silvestri cameras and accessories, lenses and other products. (...)

COMPENDIUM with rotating filter slots

In the new conception of landscape photography and video takings, the use of the compendium, especially in the version with filter-holder slots, has become an essential accessory. (...)

Silvestri GRAY CARD

An essential tool for use in digital photography, the Gray Cards are a reference point used to estimate chromatic balance and image density. (...)

HORIZON   D-L3 digital panoramic camera

The Horizon D-L3 digital camera completes the series of the Horizon models giving all the lovers of panoramic photography the opportunity of using a new digital quality tool rich in innovative solutions. (...)

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